Christian Abusaid born 1980 in Bogota, Colombia and currently based in Mexico City is a transformative artist whose dogma revolves around ‘art for a new consciousness’.


His innovative technique creates a tactile experience through the use of textile pigments and voluminous textures. His pieces move us through a diverse colour gradient asking us where does beauty truely come from and does it exist by itself?
By doing so Abusaid pursues the greatest art enigma of all; beauty.


Abusaids’ pieces lead us into different degrees of understanding through the preservation of ancestral knowledge and pre Hispanic symbolism. Each piece touches on the infinite notion of human desire, which not only extends to the art world but also works to maintain and promote cultural and natural heritage.





Feb 2022

Salón Acme – Solo booth – Mexico City


Aug 2020

#elmambovozavoz – Full page publication in El Tiempo in association with El Mambo.


Feb 2020

Zona Maco – Exhibit with Espacio Continuo – Booth b106


Dec 2019

Selected artist – The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition, NYC.


Oct 2019

Invited artist – Feria Latin People. Invited artist. Madrid, Spain.


Sept 2019

Solo show – Galería Espacio Continuo – Artbo. Bogotá, Colombia.


April 2019

Collective exhibition – Friends with Beagle NYC.


December 2018

Invited artist – Feria La Primera in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


July 2018

Solo show at SGR Galería in Bogota, Colombia.


March 2018

Collective exhibition – Feria 10 in CDMX


Feb 2018

Commissioned work for the Assemblage Building in NYC.


October 2017

Feria del Millón Bogota, Colombia


October 2017

Una línea de Polvo, collective exhibition. Various cities, Colombia


October 2016

Feria del Millón Bogota, Colombia


2016 – 2011

Creative Director. Backbone Digital, Bogotá.


2008 – 2010

Graphic designer. Bogotá.


2008 – 2005

Lead graphic designer. Apartment Clothing, Medellin.


2003 – 1999.

Architecture Degree. Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá.