Salón Acme

Show, Textile Pigment
About This Project

Deep within the dense Colombian Amazon jungle stands the sacred mountain of Chiribiquete. This mythical peak, once traveled by revered shamans, boasts over 70,000 paintings from ancient cultures that bear witness to the act of creation, when the Sun Father drove his staff into the equator of the world. How can one even begin to fathom what lies at the center of the spirit when arriving at a place that has been considered the Axis Mundi, the great center of the universe, since time immemorial?

In this exhibition, Christian Abusaid calls upon the latent aesthetic present in the Amerindian collective unconscious, creating archetypes that resonate across different times and cultures. The installation unfolds as an offering of geometric and monochromatic rhythms. The blue tones imbue this composition with a mystical and ceremonial character, inviting a visual journey of pattern recognition.

Abusaid has achieved an alchemy that transforms the signs of ancient memory into an aesthetic proposal that is re-signified from our contemporary perspective, creating a timeless result with this Axis Mundi, which, in the words of Joseph Campbell, represents a superposition of the mobility of time and the stillness of eternity.

Prepare to be transported to a world beyond time and space, where the past meets the present, and the sacred converges with the secular. Abusaid’s work is a mesmerizing visual and spiritual journey that offers a glimpse into the heart of the universe.


Christian Abusaid & Fundación Herencia Ambiental Caribe

Nestled deep in the heart of the Colombian Amazon lies a hidden gem: the Chiribiquete mountain range. Here, amid the lush greenery and unique species of multiple ecosystems, lies a vivid pictorial history of ancient times and ancestral wisdom. Painted on enormous murals by the spiritual guides of the region’s indigenous hunters, gatherers, and warriors, these artworks are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of this area.

However, today, the Chiribiquete range is under threat. Deforestation, resource extraction, and unregulated tourism are putting this natural and cultural wonder at risk. It is imperative that we work together to safeguard this UNESCO World Heritage Site and protect its natural essence and cultural significance.

That is where the Herencia Ambiental Caribe Foundation comes in. Along with Parques Nacionales, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, and the Sura business group, this organization is leading the charge to protect and preserve this site for future generations. Their partnership with Christian Abusaid seeks to empower and educate the current “Guardians of Chiribiquete” by providing environmental education, reforestation, and training opportunities.

By purchasing a work of art from their collection, you can help support these programs and contribute to the defense of this unique and precious world heritage site. Every sale will see a 10% donation towards the conservation efforts, helping to ensure that the Chiribiquete range remains a vibrant and cherished part of our collective history.

To learn more and support this vital cause, please visit