About This Project

There is nothing more profound and, yet, elusive than Beauty. In a realm of its own, Beauty is a force of life. And its mystery is the terrain of Art. Science blueprints Life in quantic detail, but is left with only theories. Art beholds the grand design and knows Beauty is the order of the Universe.


Indeed, beauty is undeniably organic. The natural development of species depends on Beauty. Animals wield beauty to attract and procreate. Flowers set bees abuzz with their beauty and, thus, pollinate. Beauty, in all its mystery and ephemerality, is a fundamental tool for survival. it would be a mistake to reduce Beauty to just the ornamental or seductive. Beauty is elemental. Like water. Like air. We need Beauty to survive.


But does beauty need us? Where does beauty come from? Does it exist by itself? The flight of birds, the gallop of a horse, the slither of a serpent are beautiful in themselves: they exist in this state of beauty without even recognizing it: they are Beauty. Beauty needs life in order to be embodied.Does beauty matter if it is not observed or felt? Is beauty the daughter of subjectivity? It is the human heart that recognizes Beauty. The degree to which the heart is sensitive is the measure by which it captures Beauty. Could the relationship be symbiotic? Could it be that Beauty beholds itself in the human heart? Is Life the mirror by which Beauty sees itself?


What does Beauty ask of us? Perhaps what Art understands best: to be Beauty’s instrument and completely surrender to its composition.

By: Alexis Mercedes


Textile Pigment